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Special Cards also went to...

Thomas Lelliott a spiritual card for helping his brother with his home learning.

Gustaw for his creative and detailed Anglo-Saxon village, called Gusmer, that he created on Minecraft. 

Lorna for her 1st person narrative as Shane. My favourite part was: 'I swam through parties of people'. It creates a vivid image in my mind. 

George L for his 1st person narrative as Shane. I really liked this line: ‘He reminded me of one of those planes in the war, the noise he made, a spitfire.’ 

Eva for her 1st person narrative as Shane. Her use of dialogue really suited the style of the text. It could easily have been written by the author herself

Sebastien - motivated - fantastic effort in your maths learning

Sam - spiritual - making new friends 

Maxime - motivated - trying your best and challenging yourself in sports day challenges