Eco Club

What is the Eco Committee?

Duxford Primary School Eco Committee is a group of children from nearly every different year group in the school that are deeply passionate about helping the environment to stay healthy. Also, we aim to reduce the amount of plastic being used in the world that is causing damage. We have already started and have planted a wonderful number of trees and flowers in the field across the road called Brewery Field. We are planning on doing much more. We are also engaged about helping the animals that suffer from what humans have been doing in the world, we like to think how we can help animals in different ways.


What the Eco Committee have done

The Eco Committee have done many activities since it was set up. A highlight was planting trees in Brewery Field the new public nature space in Duxford. The trees are silver birch trees they will become home to many animals in the future. The eco committee also set up a recycled Christmas jumper scheme, to reuse jumpers which are normally thrown away after Christmas. These things and many others have made Duxford School a more environmentally friendly place.


Our plans for the future.

We plan on reducing plastic that is being used in school and want to try to recycle more at school.

We have also said that we won’t have plastic cups at the Christmas fair and no crackers.

We talked to a botanist who said we will be inspecting grass at the school and watching it grow. These grasses are very special as they used to be extinct. It is part of a study by The Natural History Museum and we are very lucky to be able to take part.



Harriet, Lizzie and Martha – Year 4