School Council

About the School Council

What is the School Council?

The School Council is a group of children, two from each class, who have been chosen to represent our school. When a decision needs to be made, our head teacher, Mrs Blackburne-Maze, holds a meeting with the School Council to see what their opinion is.

Who is in the School Council?

Every year, pupils from Year Two to Year Six decide who they think deserves to help make important decisions for the school. There are two Co-chairs who help lead the meeting; they are the previous year’s Year Five representatives. There are twelve members on the School Council.

The current School Council members are:

  • Co-chairs (Year 6): Grace and Tom

  • Skylarks (Year 6): Emily and Cillian

  • Hawks (Year 5): Lorna and Fabien

  • Wrens (Year 3 / 4): Florence and Noah

  • Blackbirds (Year 3 / 4): Emmie and Connor-Kye

  • Puffins and Lapwings (Year 2): Tamara and Billy


    How can you join?

    When it is time to allocate new members, you can put yourself forward and each class will vote for their representatives. You are only allowed to be in the School Council once in your time at school, unless you are elected in Year Five, when you stay an extra year as Co-chair in Year Six. 

    How often do the School Council meet?  

    The head teacher decides when it meets; it’s normally twice a month on a Wednesday or Thursday.


  • We helped decide on the menu for the school dinner. The majority agreed Fish and Chips should stay!

  • We chose new outdoor equipment: footballs, tennis balls and rackets, hoola-hoops and French skipping.

  • We help to write letters (just like this one!).

  • We take in our class’s suggestions and help make them happen.

    Going forward

  • We initially were going to paint the benches in the playground, however we are unsure whether or not this will happen.



Quotes from School Council members

“I like to be in the School Council so I have an influence in what happens at the school. For example, I liked to help decide on the school dinners.” - Cillian, Skylarks.

“I like being in the School Council because it gives me a chance to share ideas to help improve the school.” - Fabien, Hawks.

“Being part of the Council is really important to me. It means that what I say can have an effect on not just my time at School but also on everyone else’s time at School.” - Emily, Skylarks.

“I enjoy School Council because it gives me a chance to make the school better for everyone so everyone has new and interesting work to do.” - Tom, Skylarks.