Virtual Sports Day

We can't imagine ending the school year without a sports day! So, this year we have planned an exciting virtual sporting event beginning on Monday 6th July ending on Friday 10th July.
We believe sports day should be about personal bests and participation, so this is how we are approaching our 'at home' sporting event.  The activities will be in the form of a 60 second challenge and children are simply aiming to aspire to get their best score in each activity and you don't even need to submit your first attempt should you not want to.
Scoring points
When you are satisfied you have achieved your ultimate personal best, it can be submitted to your class teacher.  Each activity has a Gold/Silver/ Bronze ranking that can be achieved and each of these are worth a certain amount of points that will go towards the House Group total.
Submitting scores
Over the week there are five events to complete.  Once you have completed an event keep a record of your medal for that event.  At the end of the week you should submit your scores via email to your class teacher.  The following information should be submitted at the end of the week:
Name, House, Activity, Medal
Mr Butler, Hurricane, Speed bounce, Bronze.
Mr Butler, Hurricane, Around the world, Silver
Mr Butler, Hurricanes,Socks in a box, Gold
Mr Butler,Hurricanes,,Obstacle challenge,Gold
All scores will be compiled and added together at the end of the week for the winning house to be announced at a later date.
Teachers will also be completing a sports day challenge.  However, they have different challenges that are really going to test their resilience.  Keep your eyes pealed for the videos of our challenges; our points will go towards the final scores too.