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 Summer 2 Home Learning
Following the success of the whole school topic last half term we have decided to continue our topic home learning in this way. This half term our topic is all about rejoining the community after the pandemic. This could mean the school community and other local communities you belong to.  Our topic is:
I belong, you belong, we belong. 
 You can work on this project together with your siblings even if they are in a different year group to you.
Year group specific Maths, English and Science learning can be found in the class tabs to the left.
In the PDF below you will find a variety of tasks from different areas of the curriculum.  We suggest you chose a few of these activities each week to create a fantastic project. We look forward to seeing what you produce.
 Home Learning Expectations
Teachers will provide weekly learning packs for English and Maths consisting of 5 Maths activities and 4 English activites (found in the class tabs under the relevant week).  KS1 children will also receive phonics learning packs.
Children should be continuing with daily reading (e.g. Bug Club in KS1), Spelling Shed (KS2) and Times Tables Rockstars (Y2-Y6).
The ongoing topic 'I belong, you belong, we belong' can be done throughout the week. You may choose to complete one Science activity a week like we would in school or you may wish to do them all in one week. It is up to you! Remember the activities suggested should last the whole half term.
Teachers will expect to see one piece of work weekly which they will mark and return.  These can be sent via email (yourchild'sclass@duxford.cambs.sch.uk) or STARZ for KS2 children.
We look forward to seeing all the different learning you do!
STARZ (KS2 only)
As access to STARZ is needed for KS2 home learning and communication, here are links to some useful support pages and tutorial videos run by eSchools.

eSchools have a guidance page with information on how primary pupils can use the site.

Additionally, they have a youtube page with guidance videos on login etc.

e.g. How to login https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0SXZ880qvI

How to view class work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgKWlFQW4RU
We hope you fins these useful. Remember that access to work set on STARZ is for the pupil - not parent - logins.


There many opportunities for online home learning. With this in mind, please explore the following resources to keep your children and yourselves safe online:

Useful links for all children:
Starz - KS2 only
David Walliams reads a story each day at 11.00am
Joe Wicks Daily PE session
Cbeebies  Bedtime stories
Optional activities

On this page of challenges, you can find over 20 different challenges for you to try.

PE Activities 

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough School Games Summer Virtual School Games.

 Wc 1.6.20 Fitness Challenges