Aims and Values

Attentive to ourselves, to those around us and to our environment.  We nurture and respect one another, recognize each other's uniqueness and ensure we value individuals, relationships and our environment.
Imaginative and respondent to a broad and balanced curriculum that offers memorable experiences to inspire the mind.  We believe a rich and varied curriculum helps to enthrall learners to be creative, independent thinkers; able to solve problems in the rapidly changing society in which we live.
Motivated for academic excellence and a life-long love of learning.  By developing a strong Growth Mindset, including resilience and perseverance, we can respond flexibly and question the world and those around us.  This allows us to challenge ourselves to be the best that we can be.
Spiritual awareness and growth in an ethos underpinned by Christian values, supports wellbeing.  We value this within our school, our families and within our wider community.