Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Reading

At Duxford we use Twinkl phonics which is a Department for Education (DfE) validated, Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme (SSP). The Twinkl phonics scheme has linked reading books which are called Rhino Readers. The scheme starts with books containing just a few letter sounds and they gradually become more complex. All the reading books are fully decodable books which means that the books the children are given should match up exactly to the phonics that they have learnt. Books shouldn’t contain any letter sounds not yet taught. With fully decodable books, children can use their phonics skills to tackle every word and there’s no need to rely on guesswork or clues from the pictures. This helps them quickly gain confidence and feel successful when they read.


Your child will have their Rhino reader for a whole week so we suggest that you follow the plan below:

Day 1: Say the sounds

Day 2: Read the focus words

Day 3-6: Read the story until your child is reading fluently by sight (no sounding out). You could also talk about the pictures or look at the our Duxford reading booklet for ideas of questions you could ask to aid your child’s understanding.

Day 7: Complete the questions and/or a challenge from the last page.


Below is a video explaining how we suggest you use your reading book with your child as well as some links to videos of the sounds your child will be learning. Please also take a look at our Duxford Reading Booklet as it includes some useful information and suggested questions you can use when reading with your child.  How to phonetically say the letters of the alphabet   Level 2 flashcards, sounds and actions  Level 3 flashcards, sounds and actions   Level 5 flashcards, sounds and actions   Level 6 flashcards, sounds and actions   What is blending?   What is segmenting?