23rd January 2023

What an exciting and interesting History week we have had! Children have listened to visiting speakers talk about their time at Duxford school, they have looked at artefacts, including the punishment book, and some have had a village walk to look at the old school building. Children have spoken about the week with enthusiasm, and some super written work has been produced. Thank you to Mrs Frere, to Mike Priestley, David Skeates and to the churches conservation trust.

In school this week we have been doing History Week. We learnt about this school in 1907. Lots of visitors came to speak to us including David Skeates, Caroline and Miss Philips. David Skeates used to come to this school in 1955. He shared his experience with us and distributed photos of classes in Duxford over 100 years ago.

Caroline is a cartographer, meaning she looks at maps of the area. Therefore, we compared maps from 1890 to modern day maps.

Our last visitor was Mrs Philips and she came from the local secondary school. We spoke about the old punishment book that was used by the head teacher of Duxford primary in 1907. Over all we had an amazing week and we hope to do it again.

Jasper, Mia, Rhia - Year 6.