Aims and Values


We aim to nurture happy, healthy children within our safe and spacious school environment.

We aim to enable and encourage every child to fulfil his or her unique potential in every  aspect of school life.  We believe that children with different abilities, backgrounds and talents have much to contribute to each other.

We aim for academic excellence and for each child to leave with a lifelong love of learning.

We aim to allow space for spiritual awareness and growth in a broadly Christian context.

We aim to provide a rich and varied curriculum where children are confident and creative independent thinkers who can work collaboratively.

We aim to develop resilience and perseverance in our children in order that they can respond flexibly to the rapidly changing society in which we live.


We value ourselves as unique human beings, approaching each day with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

We value relationships as fundamental to the development and fulfilment of ourselves and others.  Our good relationships include: consideration, honesty, respectfulness, fairness and forgiveness.

We value truth, inclusiveness and diversity; justice and human rights.  We value the families within our whole school and our place within the wider community.

The Environment
We value the environment, both natural and shaped by humanity, as the basis of life and a source of wonder and inspiration.