Information for Parents


As part of your childs curriculum, we provide supervised access to the Internet and to email via the Starz learning platform.  We see this as an essential ICT skill for the children to learn as they grow up in the modern world.

Understandably, there are concerns about children accessing inappropriate material when working online - but we have taken positive steps to deal with this risk in school.

* All staff have undertaken E-safety training.

* The school's IT system operates a robust filtering system that restricts pupils access to inappropriate material.

* The school has  an E-safety policy.

* Pupils are supervised when working online.

* Pupil email messages are monitored by a staff email monitor.

 E-Safety - Snapchat

Through our E-Safety discussions with children, we know that many of them are using Snapchat. We have recently been made aware that Snapchat have updated their app and you can now zoom out, when on the picture screen, to see a map. On this map you are able to see where your friends (as well as other people) are at that time. If you zoom in to the picture, it will take you in detail to where they are at the time. Street names etc. are shown on the map. This is a worrying update as it means that children's locations can be seen by anyone using the app.

The age recommendation for this app is 13+ but if your child is using it, we would recommend that 'Location' is switched to 'Never' in Settings so as to avoid your child's whereabouts being made public.

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